My purpose is to create a global lifestyle and wellness movement impacting one life at a time.  Let’s face it, we all want to look better naked.  My dream is to inspire women and men all over the world to move more, encourage and inspire them to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, no matter their age.  I want to empower everyone to be more effective and efficient in their personal and professional lives overall.  Together, we CAN have it all.


My Evidence-Based Training Method is simple.  It’s called functional bodyweight training.  All training programs are created and based on mobility, stability and strength as the foundation to my philosophy.  It’s a total body experience that allows you to challenge your body, push beyond your limits, as well as relax your mind, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.


Discover the STACIE CLARK EXPERIENCE.  Clients share game-changing testimonials such as, “With her unparalleled level of energy and smile, put simply, it is one that will transform your body, improve your performance and achieve your goals through evidence-based, revolutionary training.“  Who doesn’t want to look good and feel great?  Experience it for yourself!